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Our company offers a comprehensive food delivery platform that enables customers to effortlessly explore nearby restaurants, place orders with just a tap, and receive their desired meals in the shortest possible time. We specialize in serving cities without adequate infrastructure, offering innovative technological solutions for cash payments, Point of Sale, and locations without street addresses, among other features.

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Who We Are

We are HAAT. We are programmers, designers, musicians, dancers, painters, engineers, photographers, speakers, gardeners, and we are passionate about what we do. Our mission is to bring food to everyone, including people who live in cities without street addresses. We are building amazing technologies to help restaurants reach more customers and build their businesses. We give delivery partners another way to earn good money, and we are enabling food delivery to everyone, everywhere! Our vision is to revolutionize food delivery by making it a pleasurable experience for all, and to ensure that it is accessible to every individual, without exception.

Effortless food delivery for everyone, everywhere!


Meet Our Team

We are on a mission to democratize food delivery. Creating the future of food delivery takes empathy, innovation, and an appetite for complex logistical challenges. Our vision is to shape the future of food delivery.

Hasan completed his BA, MA and Ph.d. in Computer Science in the Technion Institute of Technology where he is serving as Lecturer nowadays, Hasan served as a Senior Software Engineer at Google, IBM, Intel. Specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Dr. Hasan Abasi

CEO & Co-Founder

Ali has served as Director of Architecture at Mellanox, a semiconductor company acquired by NVIDIA, he also served as Director of Software at Sookasa, a cyber security company acquired by Barracuda. Prior to his management positions, Ali held several senior engineering-related positions at Google & Mellanox in California Bay Area in the Cloud and Data-Centers domains. He holds few patents and publications in this field. Ali holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (2006, Cum Laude).

Ali Ayoub

Advisor & Co-Founder